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A woman in glasses wearing a pumpkin costume

Remembering Rebecca

When I first heard the news about the passing of this remarkable young woman, the first thing I felt was a huge hole where she lived in my heart. In fact, I can’t think of anyone who didn’t have warm affections for Becky. When I connected with Becky, it was through Meals on Wheels, which The Arc partners with to help distribute food to those in need. She was always enthusiastic about participating at The Arc and carried with her an infectious joy while doing so. Having her with me made the long rides out to rural Rockingham and Elkton more enjoyable. We would meet old teachers, current staff, and make new friends while delivering food. 

I felt more like an older sister when I was with her then a caregiver. Even when I ran into her outside of work it was always fun to connect. She accepted everyone and loved all. She loved going out, meeting people, and giving of herself. Even her clothes reflected her personality. Sometimes she wore a yellow short sleeved shirt with black lines so I called her my busy bee.  When she wore her purple long sleeved top, I’d say she was my posy.  

Becky had a quick wit, and could say things that would often leave me laughing till my sides split. In all the time I knew Becky, I never saw her get into a negative mood. Even now, weeks after she’s passed, I can still hear her say my name with her unusual inflection. Above all, her favorite thing she said to me was, “Guess what?”. I know that for the rest of my life that simple question will echo in my mind.  No matter where I go or who I meet, I hope I can continue to be like Rebecca: to be filled with joy, love all, and treat everyone with respect.

Becky was a participant with The Arc of HR since 2016. She passed away early February 2022 from an unexpected illness. Article written by Barbara Connor, a Direct Support Professional at The Arc of HR