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EEO Policy

The Arc believes that equal opportunity for all staffers is important for the continuing success of The Arc. It is the policy of The Arc, in accordance with federal, state and other local requirements that employees of The Arc and applicants for employment shall be afforded equal opportunity in all personnel management and administrative activities, without regard to race, creed, color, religious opinion or affiliation, national origin, political affiliation, gender (ex) , age, physical or mental disability (handicap), sexual orientation, or veteran status provided the individual is qualified for employment. The Arc shall provide, upon request by an applicant, reasonable accommodations for the employee’s disability when doing so shall enable him/her to perform the essential duties of the job.

The Arc emphasizes the recruitment of qualified applicants including minorities, women, persons with disabilities, and older persons by advertising position vacancies in publications and locations that are readily accessible to these populations. We strive for a staff that reflects diversity.

The Arc hires for each position based on merit factors only. No preferential treatment will be afforded any applicant.

This policy shall be followed in the implementation of all policies and procedures affecting the individual’s status with The Arc, to include, but not to be limited to recruitment, selection, interviewing, training, promotion, retention, evaluation, discipline, compensation, benefits, transfer, layoff, recall from layoff, demotion, termination, sponsored training programs, and leave.

The Director of Support Services is The Arc’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Officer and Affirmative Action (AA) Officer, and is vested with the responsibility for overseeing adherence to the EEO and AA policy.

A summary of this policy will be displayed prominently, to advise the public of The Arc’s commitment to the principles of Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity. Each employee will receive a copy of this policy during orientation and will receive annual training regarding EEO and AA policy implementation.