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  • Meet Mark

    Meet Mark

    Growing up in Minnesota, I remember a local woman named Suzy who would ride her bike daily through our neighborhood, making a point of getting to know everyone she came across. Suzy had an intellectual or developmental disability (I/DD) and brightened everyone’s day with her caring attitude and positive disposition.

  • Meet Sarah

    Meet Sarah

    “Honestly, I enjoy all of it” was Sarah’s response when asked what she most enjoys as her role as a Direct Support Professional (DSP). Although it’s the little moments with participants of The Arc of HR she’s come to appreciate most, such as discovering that Jeremy lights up when listening…

  • Empowerment through Technology

    Empowerment through Technology

    We can all recall those parental reminders that kept us on task: “Did you clean your room? Did you brush your teeth? Have you finished your homework? Did you do the dishes?” These reminders are at times helpful but can often feel like nagging. Enter Maria McWhirt, former Harrisonburg resident…