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Self-Esteem and Body Image

  • Body Image Videos

    These short animated videos discuss body image, identity development, puberty, social media influences, and other topics related to body-image and self-esteem.

    Source: Amaze

    Teens/Young Adults
  • 15 Best Self-Esteem Worksheets and Activities

    These psychologist-developed worksheets are designed to help elementary, middle and high schoolers, and adults develop a healthy self-esteem.

    Source: Positive Psychology

    Educators Parents Teens/Young Adults Youth
  • NCIL Disability Pride Resource Guide

    Guide with information and resources to learn about the idea of disability pride and it's history, which can help disabled people develop their own sense of disability pride.

    Source: National Council for Independent Living

    Educators Teens/Young Adults
  • NEDA Body Activism Guide

    This guide provides 10 different activities centered around body image, media literacy, and body activism.

    Source: National Eating Disorders Association

    Educators Teens/Young Adults
  • No Body's Perfect: A helper's guide to promoting positive body image in children and young people

    These handouts provide questions to start discussions and some activities to explore developing a positive body image. The handouts can be used independently as conversation guides, or can be used in companion with the No Body's Perfect book.

    Source: Dr. Vivienne Lewis

    Educators Parents
  • Strut Your Stuff Sexual Self Esteem

    This webpage links other Scarleteen blog articles related to body image and sexual self-esteem and a music playlist to boost self-confidence.

    Source: Scarleteen

    Teens/Young Adults
  • Learning Disabilities and Self-Esteem

    This page provides information related to self-esteem and learning disabilities. It offers examples of what low self-esteem may look like in youth as well as strategies to support youth's self-esteem and confidence.

    Source: Read and Spell

    Educators Parents
  • 5 Confidence-Building Activities for Special Needs Students

    This webpage provides activities that could be used in the classroom or at home to aid in self-esteem development.

    Source: AdaptEd

    Educators Parents
  • Supporting Kids with Disabilities with Body Esteem

    This webpage provides information about how those children with special needs percieve the world. The resource also talks about how a child might view their limitations or various goals that they want to achieve and how parents can help their child develop a positive body image.

    Source: EDRDPRO

    Educators Parents

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