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About the Disability-inclusive Sexual Health Network

The Disability-inclusive Sexual Health Network (DSHN) supports 11 organizations in Virginia as they develop and test innovative projects that advance sexual health education access for youth with disabilities. DSHN began in the fall of 2020 and partners have developed different projects over the 3-year grant period. Several partners now offer direct sexual health education to youth and their parents/caregivers through virtual classes. The direct education opportunities can be found on the Training Resources page.

Many educational resources have also been produced to help educate youth with disabilities, their families, and professionals working with the IDD population. These resources provide information about the importance of sexual health education and teaching strategies. While projects may be different, all partners are working towards the same goal, to make sexual health education more accessible for youth with disabilities in Virginia. You can learn more about each partner by visiting their website.

Training Resources

Learn more about training opportunities from Virginia and National organizations.

Training Resources